FMP Trend Three


The final trend that I have picked is Coral.

The reason for picking this trend is because of the potential I see in this theme; I am able to fine many ways I can recreate this them in to my design also with this theme I do feel that I will be able to create a strong FMP.  Furthermore, I will be able to collect wide range of primary research as there is a coral reed nearby that I could visit to take images. Coral is a broad concept meaning I will not get stuck on what to do, there are more inspirational imaginary and items then the other two I can get more ideas then any of the other two trends.

From doing a small sketchbook of my trends I was able to create more responses with this trends for instant I used straws to mimic the coral reefs, moreover there is also the sea creatures that I can also look at to get inspirational this theme as many subjects that I can look at to apply into my project I do feel I will not struggle to find inspiration as the sea life is a very board concept.  I was also interested in the wide range of colours there are in coral and how I can use that to my advantage to create a very colourful collection. from the research I have done and the responses I have created I do feel I would be going for the more structural side of designing creating very 3D surface designs and silhouettes which will mimic the movement of the reef and how they move underwater.

Overall I do have more potential of creating a very strong collection if I go for this trend. there are many aspects of coral that I can take and replicate into my project. I will be able to get wide range of ideas for all the secondary date that is on that internet and also in magazines past designer collections on top of that with my own research that I will do when I visit the aquarium.

FMP Trend Two

The second theme that I looked at is royal I found this theme very interesting as I have always been fascinated with what the past women used to wear, more so of the social society reputations how women had to dress within their money status, it is intriguing to see what the ancestors used to wear and how they have changed over time. I have focused my theme towards Greek Mythology and ancient Egyptian what their goddesses would wear and how that is implied to women in modern day.

When I was browsing on Pinterest I found Greek fashion very interesting and inspirational, I mainly focused on the royal gowns. I also had another theme that I would like to combine which is plus size I feel in the fashion market there’s still a gap within plus size. There are not that many garments or designers that specialise in creating garments for curvy women which leads to these women struggling to find clothes in store fit for their body shape. The main issue is many women not having garments that are made to truly be appealing on the figure. I feel by combining this within my theme of royal it will not only give it a unique turnout but it will also be a hidden message of accepting your body image. In my sketchbook I mainly focused on the pattern and texture mainly form crowns and antique wallpaper.


In conclusion, I did enjoy responding to this theme However, it was difficult to get primary images for this theme which would be the problem if I pick this theme for my final project and I do feel I am limited with what I can do within this theme as it is mostly designs and the only images I can use are mostly secondary and I will run out of ideas on what to do further with this theme as there is not much inspirational images expect for royal dresses and complex patterns that could be used within the design development stage.


FMP Trend One

The first trend that I have chosen for my FMP is rust. The reason why I have picked this trend is because I have found many inspirational images on Pinterest but also from going out and taking images. I decided to visit the park to see what I could find that would relate to my theme, I had found many objects such as rusted public seats, bins that were starting to decay I also looked at trees as they were slowly being covered in fungus; with rust I am able to look at the natural cause which can be anything from metal to nature.





By going out and collecting primary images i was able to experiment more within my sketchbook. I wanted to show in this theme how even man-made has a time limit they are not indestructible there will be a time when they will be chucked away as they have no use which will cause the start of decaying. To show the texture of rust I did detailed pencil drawings as well as pen which enabled me to get a very realistic outcome. Felt was another option I went for when recreating the texture of rust but it also allowed me to build it up by adding other medium on to the felt.


In my opinion I did enjoy working on this theme going out to find primary images however, I did feel as though I could do certain amount of responses before I was stuck in a dead-end with no other route to take this theme, from looking at my sketchbook I do feel as though I would struggle to find other ways to take this theme as it is very straight forward and I would be repeating myself a lot. In  conclusion I have decided I will not be picking this theme as my Final Major Project.