Final Show Planning

With the final show starting on the 6th June we have the deadline of completing out display board at the end of the 27th may. With those dates coming closer I have started to come up with plans on how I can decorate my board and how I am going to layout my work. I have done rough sketches of how I would like my boards to look like, also know where everything I want is to be placed this would make the process when the day comes to start attaching everything in place a lot easier and faster.

With the rough sketches I am able to get a better understanding of how I can display my work also figuring out what I can place on the boards. Furthermore, it can give me and idea of what equipment’s I would be needing. With the rough sketches done I will need a mannequin to place my garment on, However, it depends on what I idea I choose which would indicate how many mannequins I need. I will need a shelf and a railing to hang the rest of my garments. I also have an idea of placing coral like display items around the floor of my board to give the coral like affect to it. I am keeping the display board very simple as I want the main focus to be on my work and the garments I have created.



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