My final illustration was design digital using the Wacom Tablet, I have created another post about my experience using the Wacom tablet, it was a lot easier using the tablet to use as a base to sketch my design.


My final illustration was hard to replicate from the sketches made before hand I wanted to show the extrude of the loops on the top but also show the King structure in the sleeveless under top. With the use of illustrator I was able to create the loop like brush stroke but also apply my knit in to the top. IMG_1859

I do believe my illustrations skill have expanded I have used new skills and tools then last project, every time I use illustrator I learn new things for instant I got the chance to explore the brush sets that I did not know illustrate had but also I was able to manipulate  the under top with the texture of my real knitted top.  Illustrate enables me to create smooth arches and curves with the pen tool which my skills with the pen has improved I am able to smoothly use the pen tool it’s gets even better with the use of the Wacom tablet.


I happy with my final illustration how it has turned out. However the areas I can improve on is maybe next time when using the Wacom I can take a further step and add facial expressions this will give a new life in the illustration at this point I didn’t add the face is because I want to have my main focus point to be on the garment but mainly on the texture on the top.

In conclusion there is always areas to improve on in your work and I do feel if I do this illustration again I can make it better maybe make it more realists add shading and more colours to it, experiment more on the background Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.48.29.png


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