The first trend that I have chosen for my FMP is rust. The reason why I have picked this trend is because I have found many inspirational images on Pinterest but also from going out and taking images. I decided to visit the park to see what I could find that would relate to my theme, I had found many objects such as rusted public seats, bins that were starting to decay I also looked at trees as they were slowly being covered in fungus; with rust I am able to look at the natural cause which can be anything from metal to nature.





By going out and collecting primary images i was able to experiment more within my sketchbook. I wanted to show in this theme how even man-made has a time limit they are not indestructible there will be a time when they will be chucked away as they have no use which will cause the start of decaying. To show the texture of rust I did detailed pencil drawings as well as pen which enabled me to get a very realistic outcome. Felt was another option I went for when recreating the texture of rust but it also allowed me to build it up by adding other medium on to the felt.


In my opinion I did enjoy working on this theme going out to find primary images however, I did feel as though I could do certain amount of responses before I was stuck in a dead-end with no other route to take this theme, from looking at my sketchbook I do feel as though I would struggle to find other ways to take this theme as it is very straight forward and I would be repeating myself a lot. In  conclusion I have decided I will not be picking this theme as my Final Major Project. 


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