Final show

After many changes and origination of my display board I was able to finally place all my work and garments.

First I placed all my pictures together with that I looked at how I will display all my work if  I will be adding decorations and fully cover the board or keep it simple and clean.


This is the first set up that I did, it was to spaced out and very plain. in my opinion I felt that my display was very boxy I did not have much wow factor also it did not show much of my work for instant the talent of drawings and all the samples I have done.

Within that in mind I got my peers opinions on that and the tutors opinion, I then changed around the images and also took the samples out of the sample boards and start playing them singularly around the work.



I also moved around the secondary images I collected from my concept board around to show the texture I was inspired from I then also photocopied images from my primary research and placed them around. with bring all the images together I was liking how it looked as it showed a strong sense of primary and secondary research.


The final out look of my display board is mostly focused on my samples and drawings but it shows the investigation that I did at the beginning which leaded me to create my final collection.

Overall I enjoyed setting up my working and taking my time choosing my work carefully that will link to my work and show the amount of work I have done and how I got my inspiration from. I have also added a new drawing as well which is the image on the tip right corner which I did last week and I also placed petals and pearls around the head.


Final Show Planning

With the final show starting on the 6th June we have the deadline of completing out display board at the end of the 27th may. With those dates coming closer I have started to come up with plans on how I can decorate my board and how I am going to layout my work. I have done rough sketches of how I would like my boards to look like, also know where everything I want is to be placed this would make the process when the day comes to start attaching everything in place a lot easier and faster.

With the rough sketches I am able to get a better understanding of how I can display my work also figuring out what I can place on the boards. Furthermore, it can give me and idea of what equipment’s I would be needing. With the rough sketches done I will need a mannequin to place my garment on, However, it depends on what I idea I choose which would indicate how many mannequins I need. I will need a shelf and a railing to hang the rest of my garments. I also have an idea of placing coral like display items around the floor of my board to give the coral like affect to it. I am keeping the display board very simple as I want the main focus to be on my work and the garments I have created.


Final illustration 

My final illustration was design digital using the Wacom Tablet, I have created another post about my experience using the Wacom tablet, it was a lot easier using the tablet to use as a base to sketch my design.


My final illustration was hard to replicate from the sketches made before hand I wanted to show the extrude of the loops on the top but also show the King structure in the sleeveless under top. With the use of illustrator I was able to create the loop like brush stroke but also apply my knit in to the top. IMG_1859

I do believe my illustrations skill have expanded I have used new skills and tools then last project, every time I use illustrator I learn new things for instant I got the chance to explore the brush sets that I did not know illustrate had but also I was able to manipulate  the under top with the texture of my real knitted top.  Illustrate enables me to create smooth arches and curves with the pen tool which my skills with the pen has improved I am able to smoothly use the pen tool it’s gets even better with the use of the Wacom tablet.


I happy with my final illustration how it has turned out. However the areas I can improve on is maybe next time when using the Wacom I can take a further step and add facial expressions this will give a new life in the illustration at this point I didn’t add the face is because I want to have my main focus point to be on the garment but mainly on the texture on the top.

In conclusion there is always areas to improve on in your work and I do feel if I do this illustration again I can make it better maybe make it more realists add shading and more colours to it, experiment more on the background Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.48.29.png

Sample Boards

With the developments of my samples I have placed them on boards to display them in the final show so many people are able to see my development and understand where I got my inspiration from. I do feel that my FMP has been mainly of me exploring different ways to exaggerate the silhouette and that is the reason why I have many sample boards. I wanted to show all my samples and how I was able to crate my garments. I do feel the samples are the most important aspect of making as you are able to try your theory out and see if the technique would work which then helps you decide if you can carry that technique out in the final collection. 

In my sample board collection, I have picked the samples that link to final collection that ones that I have used to further generate my final collection. Those few samples are the ones that inspired me to create my garments like the way they are. 


In my opinion I have enjoyed picking the ones that I like the most and the ones that I feel represent my garments the most it was hard as I wanted to put all my samples on the board but I picked the ones that are very eye-catching and inspirational.