Final show

After many changes and origination of my display board I was able to finally place all my work and garments.

First I placed all my pictures together with that I looked at how I will display all my work if  I will be adding decorations and fully cover the board or keep it simple and clean.


This is the first set up that I did, it was to spaced out and very plain. in my opinion I felt that my display was very boxy I did not have much wow factor also it did not show much of my work for instant the talent of drawings and all the samples I have done.

Within that in mind I got my peers opinions on that and the tutors opinion, I then changed around the images and also took the samples out of the sample boards and start playing them singularly around the work.



I also moved around the secondary images I collected from my concept board around to show the texture I was inspired from I then also photocopied images from my primary research and placed them around. with bring all the images together I was liking how it looked as it showed a strong sense of primary and secondary research.


The final out look of my display board is mostly focused on my samples and drawings but it shows the investigation that I did at the beginning which leaded me to create my final collection.

Overall I enjoyed setting up my working and taking my time choosing my work carefully that will link to my work and show the amount of work I have done and how I got my inspiration from. I have also added a new drawing as well which is the image on the tip right corner which I did last week and I also placed petals and pearls around the head.


Final Show Planning

With the final show starting on the 6th June we have the deadline of completing out display board at the end of the 27th may. With those dates coming closer I have started to come up with plans on how I can decorate my board and how I am going to layout my work. I have done rough sketches of how I would like my boards to look like, also know where everything I want is to be placed this would make the process when the day comes to start attaching everything in place a lot easier and faster.

With the rough sketches I am able to get a better understanding of how I can display my work also figuring out what I can place on the boards. Furthermore, it can give me and idea of what equipment’s I would be needing. With the rough sketches done I will need a mannequin to place my garment on, However, it depends on what I idea I choose which would indicate how many mannequins I need. I will need a shelf and a railing to hang the rest of my garments. I also have an idea of placing coral like display items around the floor of my board to give the coral like affect to it. I am keeping the display board very simple as I want the main focus to be on my work and the garments I have created.


Final Evaluation

The visual research in my opinion was the most important part of the project I do feel that without having enough research also with the continues research even starting making is very important because by doing this I was constantly able to have new ideas I was never stuck of coming up with ideas it was a new inspirational way to get great ideas of how to do samples but also trying new things that I haven’t in the past project with having more time in the research section I was able to freely take my time and get high quality images that I can later on replicate in different medium.  I did find at the beginning of the research quite hard as I did not know what I was looking for everything was nice and I wanted to include everything what caused a problem as I had range of paths that I could go down with my FMP. After choosing the path I wanted to take I do feel my strength of finding large amount of research helped a lot as I got many ideas when doing my drawings and responses. Within my initial sketchbook it has all my structural responses my most experimental sketchbook it was where I did all my investigation when I found a new method through my primary and secondary research. Moreover, I do feel if I haven’t started off with an initial research I would be struggling with what I found most inspirational to carry on what part of coral reef I would like to carry on further developing in my main sketchbook, further look in the different colours I can use and how I can choose the colour pallet for my designs. On the other hand, I do feel I could have further research and looked at other sources such as more books then just relaying on the internet, I did use Pinterest a lot I mainly got my images from Pinterest as it had wide number of sources that linked to my concept. The area I would like to developed on is my initial sketchbook as I feel I should have continued creating more response but using more medium, equipment’s that look very similar to my concept. Furthermore, I could have also visited more places and collected more primary research for me to see first-hand the movement and the way the coral reef is like not just seeing 2D images.

Designer research was very interesting for me as I like to find new designers see their work what their catwalks, talk about their work what is the meaning behind it and how they come up with the idea, it is all interesting and fascinating to me, as it is the base of my work to know how they find their inspiration and how I can imply that into my ideas and creation. Looking at past designer’s work helped me a lot what I was looking at the silhouettes that I could use in my design work but also see what designer can link to my concept. I found Givenchy’s couture fall 2011 work to be inspirational as I loved the delicate work on the garments how it looks very coral but also with the sea life included the collection gave me a lot of idea on the samples to create but also what I can do in my designs. From my research I found the designer Yiqing Yin and her Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection to be very interesting it had a lot of surface design with the unique silhouette of the garment how the structure of the fabric kept it shape. When watching the fashion show two things struck me that I wanted to add in my design is the importance to the detail but also the movement of the garment is very delicate and fluid just like coral in water. What I found to be my strongest link is the designer research as it helped me get a better understanding of what directions I can take my designs.

The process of experimentation’s was the longest as we were give most time for the research as it can last throughout the time period of the FMP, with my research I enjoyed the process of trying new things and figuring out what medium is best for me. I had done this in stages the first stage of looking through Pinterest’s and visiting the aquarium taking as many images as I can so I can use them when I am creating responses. When it was time to create the response I would use the necessary material such as paint pencil pen and watercolours. Then I would further develop these responses every time I create something new by using more 3D textural materials this could be through glue gun, tissue paper, paper cupcake holders and drinking straws. It was fascinating and enjoyable when using these materials as I was going for the more sculptural responses focusing on the texture and I am pleased that I have creating a wide range of responses that show strongly the texture I have replicated from the collected secondary and primary images.

My experiments do link with my final ideas but they also link to each other through out the sketchbooks as I have shown through the images I have collected and the responses that this concept is based on the movement and the surface texture, the oversized feel, the exaggerated shapes, things that are not considered a day to day wear. This was the aim in my experiments to change the thoughts of people how the sea life can manipulate the fashion industry. From looking at the experiments that I have done they do link to my final designs as I have made sure that throughout my design developments and final design that I show the shapes and the texture which is found in coral. The responses are very 3D and structural that also links to my final ideas as they are also very 3D and structural. The area that I find my work to be the strongest point is through the main sketchbook and initial sketchbook I show the wide range of colour and shape I have discovered and how I can apply that in my work. I used wide range of material where ever I can find and used that to my advantage and created very sculptural pieces that represent the images that I was inspired by. The area that I would improve on is the part where I would have liked to have done more experiments with more different range of material maybe take it a step forward and do digital also go a bit extreme and use clay as it is easy to use very smooth to handle, can be molded any shape you want without any difficulty. I could have also created a small clip of the movements of coral that inspire me the most.

With generating ideas, I do feel I lacked in that department I could have come up with more ideas, I do feel that I could have used other resources then just relaying on Pinterest. I could have gone to the beach or look at more in books to find research. This could have helped me to get more ideas and further develop them in my designing stage but also in my sketchbooks. However, from all the research I was able to come up with a wide range of design developments, what I also found to be helpful was the samples I created this showed me the different techniques I can use in my design developments, to know which works best with the type of garment I am making. With the different ideas of samples, I was inspired from the different designer research and the type of surface decoration they had used in their collections and I would try to replicate that in my samples. This worked well over time as I was able to further developed those ideas change the colour or the size of them, which leaded me to have a wide range of sample that I could further use to give me ideas on the type of garments that I could design.

The areas that I could have improved on is the fact that I was able to do more design ideas, by doing more design I was able to have a better understanding of the different garments I can make and see what surface techniques I could use by reflecting back on the samples I had created this will also lead me to try new sampling from the new design but I could have also confirmed that I had done more further in depth research leading to a new style of garment created with stronger links to my concept ‘Coral’. I do feel that I could have done better in the making parts if the ideas I had drawn were more exaggerated with more unusual silhouettes. My strength I would consider would be the stage between constantly going back and forward between the sketchbook and sampling to further develop the drawings and the techniques I feel I could have made more samples experimenting with more colours and exaggerating the shapes making them bigger or smaller combing the shapes to see the outcome.

I do feel that my final pieces where developed through the strongest design idea as the garment that I made had a lot of exaggerated shapes that links to the aim of my concept that I had done from the beginning of this project where I had stated I wanted to manipulate the coral on to my garments which leaded for my garments to have very 3D sculptural look to it which is a strong link to coral. Within my sketchbook it was very 3D sculptural and it had a lot of shapes that exaggerated the silhouette ad I wanted to carry that out in my designs and those where the very popular ones in the peer assessments so that concluded my decisions of making garments that exaggerated the silhouettes but also stood out from normal day wear. I do feel that I had rushed in the making of the final garments as I could have added a lot more material, which could have given more appeal to it also making my design have a stronger link to my research. I have maintained to keep my work done in the highest quality possible as any wear would not appreciate their garment made with quality not taken seriously. My final piece has been developed thoroughly as I have changed some sections at some stage of the making part.

When looking at the final pieces you are able to see the similarity of what the garments are show casing you are able to see the work how the research has been used very carefully in the designing of the pieces and how it has led to creating three garment two tops and a bottom they have different surface designs on but all put together they link and the designs go well together, they are also designed that you can wear them alone and have multiple looks, which I feel is another strong point as it can been worn with other garments and has multiple looks.

In my opinion I am happy with my final pieces as they are very different to what I have done before but also I have learned a lot while making these pieces which has helped me gain knowledge that I can later on use in the future. Furthermore, the pieces meet the criteria that I had lined up at the beginning of the project, which pleases me as it shows that all the research and designing I have done were very useful in the making of these pieces.

The idea of the presentation of my work I want to keep it simple as I want the focus to me on the surface techniques, for it to be the main show case of the final show on my presentation board.  I would like to display the sample boards as my project was to show and investigate the exaggeration of the silhouette and the best way to show that to the audience is through the personation and display of the samples I have done the sketchbook work open for everyone to flick through and the garments on mannequins for the people to see closely the texture on the pieces.

Moving on the presentation of my work is very simplistic I have not focused much on the background as I feel it would be too much colour all together from the images so with the back ground in plain white it make your eyes focus on the most important parts of the page which is the actual work. My idea of presentation was to keep it simple to show the colour in the images and not have too much going on each page. It worked very well as the background was white and when I placed the images and the colour swatches you are able to see the colour clearly but they go well against the white background. Furthermore, with the white backgrounds I can clearly make the main focus be on the work I am looking at, the texture and designs, this automatically catches your eye and the colures stand out more against white.

The areas I would improve would the presentation of my design developments I would have liked to add colour on them also use fabric swatches this way it would have been easier to show what fabric I have in mind to sure on these garments and when it was time for making it would have been easier to choose the type of fabric. I do feel that if I had coloured in the design developments it would be a lot clear how the garments would look also if the colours look good together.

My intentions for the final show presentation are still a bit undecided but I do know that I will be adding display items that are coral so I my boars comes across the theme very strongly. I will be keeping the board plain white as it helps make the samples, drawings and garments stand out the most. I am thinking of the type of items that I can place which could be small coral like sculptures around the floor surrounding the mannequin that will be displaying the garments.

In conclusion my skills have developed a lot through this project I feel I have achieved the aim of developing my skills to a professional standard but also gaining new skills that I can use further in higher education. Within this project it has challenged me in different ways this could be through time management, being organised and doing everything in order or I would lose track of time and miss something. Also to always try making something that is out of the ordinary for instants these garments are designed in a contemporary way which is not my usual way of designing. I have also improved on my drawing skills this is both digital and hand drawn I feel that I can use the illustrator and Wacom tablet confidently to create complex drawings.

The main thing I have learnt is the knowledge of what is expected of a fashion designer I still have more to learn but I feel that I am a step closer to achieving my goal of being a designer. It has also prepared me for when I start university as I more confident in myself and my ideas. I am able to come up and proceed with my ideas more confidently independently as I know where to look for when doing research, how to present it, what layout I can do, the different silhouettes that I can use, I can confidently draw figures. Another thing is that this FMP has taught me is how I am able to do anything I want and how to use that to my advantage and show my true talent is expressing my love for fashion through this course.

Overall, this course has helped me to not restrict myself in thinking that you have to follow all designer style of making, that I also have my own unique style of making and that I can design clothes in the style that suits me best and I am able to confidently show my style. I do understand know much better I have got since I had started. From this course I have learnt that the sketchbooks do not have to be fully filled with images and designs on each page they can be very simplicity that they only have to hold as much information you need which can be very little to loads. It has also helped me to develop a sense of colour understating as I would not experiment much with colour afraid that it would ruin the designs but now I can confidently do that by hand or digitally.

Final illustration 

My final illustration was design digital using the Wacom Tablet, I have created another post about my experience using the Wacom tablet, it was a lot easier using the tablet to use as a base to sketch my design.


My final illustration was hard to replicate from the sketches made before hand I wanted to show the extrude of the loops on the top but also show the King structure in the sleeveless under top. With the use of illustrator I was able to create the loop like brush stroke but also apply my knit in to the top. IMG_1859

I do believe my illustrations skill have expanded I have used new skills and tools then last project, every time I use illustrator I learn new things for instant I got the chance to explore the brush sets that I did not know illustrate had but also I was able to manipulate  the under top with the texture of my real knitted top.  Illustrate enables me to create smooth arches and curves with the pen tool which my skills with the pen has improved I am able to smoothly use the pen tool it’s gets even better with the use of the Wacom tablet.


I happy with my final illustration how it has turned out. However the areas I can improve on is maybe next time when using the Wacom I can take a further step and add facial expressions this will give a new life in the illustration at this point I didn’t add the face is because I want to have my main focus point to be on the garment but mainly on the texture on the top.

In conclusion there is always areas to improve on in your work and I do feel if I do this illustration again I can make it better maybe make it more realists add shading and more colours to it, experiment more on the background Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.48.29.png

Sample Boards

With the developments of my samples I have placed them on boards to display them in the final show so many people are able to see my development and understand where I got my inspiration from. I do feel that my FMP has been mainly of me exploring different ways to exaggerate the silhouette and that is the reason why I have many sample boards. I wanted to show all my samples and how I was able to crate my garments. I do feel the samples are the most important aspect of making as you are able to try your theory out and see if the technique would work which then helps you decide if you can carry that technique out in the final collection. 

In my sample board collection, I have picked the samples that link to final collection that ones that I have used to further generate my final collection. Those few samples are the ones that inspired me to create my garments like the way they are. 


In my opinion I have enjoyed picking the ones that I like the most and the ones that I feel represent my garments the most it was hard as I wanted to put all my samples on the board but I picked the ones that are very eye-catching and inspirational. 

Final Peer Assessment

The final peer assessment happened on the deadline day, it was the right moment as I can show my whole FMP to my peers and they can comment wither my work was good and linked to the concept, also check my garments and see if they match to the designs I did for them moreover they can also advise what I could have done better if I had more time.

When I looked back at the feedback given there wasn’t any improvements stated I would have liked to have known any areas they feel I should have improved or maybe mentioned another way to create different responses.

They had stated that I had good range of imagery and I had experimented very well with the texture and colour through sampling. I am very happy with my sampling as I do feel my strongest skill in this FMP is the sampling stage. Areas that I feel I should have improved on is the garments if I had time I could have added sequins or beads on the top this could have given it a more eye-catching alluring peel the other thing is the illustration I do feel I have not done any big drawings that I can later put on display at the final show. Those two are the areas I would have like to improve on if I have another chance.