Final Peer Assessment

The final peer assessment happened on the deadline day, it was the right moment as I can show my whole FMP to my peers and they can comment wither my work was good and linked to the concept, also check my garments and see if they match to the designs I did for them moreover they can also advise what I could have done better if I had more time.

When I looked back at the feedback given there wasn’t any improvements stated I would have liked to have known any areas they feel I should have improved or maybe mentioned another way to create different responses.

They had stated that I had good range of imagery and I had experimented very well with the texture and colour through sampling. I am very happy with my sampling as I do feel my strongest skill in this FMP is the sampling stage. Areas that I feel I should have improved on is the garments if I had time I could have added sequins or beads on the top this could have given it a more eye-catching alluring peel the other thing is the illustration I do feel I have not done any big drawings that I can later put on display at the final show. Those two are the areas I would have like to improve on if I have another chance.



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