Making of the Tops

Looking at my designs I have altered them in the making stage as I decided to create two separate tops the first one would be a knitted sleeveless top that would go underneath the second top which would be designed to just be placed on the shoulders. With the first design it was all one top with the knitted bottom and oversized lops around the shoulder and chest. However, I do feel by creating to different tops you are able to have different outfit looks.

The making of the knitted top was very exciting process I have never knitted a full garment so this was another first for me. To start off I wanted my pattern to have thin straps and to achieve that I used the swimming pattern block this way it made it a lot easier to have the right strap length. I had the pattern block cut in size 12 as it is the standard model size and it will fit any model I decided to use for my shoot. after that I measured how many needles I would need in the chunky knit machine, I also made sure that I added extra 6 needles on each end of the top as the knit can shrink. After completing the knit creating two square knitted fabric I then cut out the pattern pieces. When I did the fitting I found out that they were a lot smaller than the original 12 size this caused a problem as I couldn’t have had more pieces with that in mind I altered the design instead having the pieces sewn tighter I would create stings from the knitted yarn used and attach them on the sides of the top this extended the size of the top giving it more space.

On the other hand, when making the second more detailed top that would have the most of the design with the oversized loop. I had wished I had enough time to add the small detail which would have been beads and sequins. This would have given the top more colour making it eye-catching but it would have fitted more into my them coral as it would have been full off colour.

Generally, I am pleased with the final outcome of the two tops however, if I had more time I would have liked to create another top with the loop but have it multi-coloured and other surface decorations on.



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