Making of the bottoms

Looking at my design I decided to create leggings as they are better fitting with the design of the bottoms, also with all the surface decoration I had on the bottoms I feel that the leggings will hold their shape and I can apply all the surface design easily. The only disadvantage of using jersey fabric is that it is stretchy and when I was cutting out the pattern block I had to be very careful not to stretch the fabric to much I would be cutting more than the original outline with could cause the problem of the overall bottom be a lot smaller sizes then I wanted.

                    IMG_1729.JPG IMG_1731.JPG

Furthermore, after sewing all the pieces I did have a problem as I sewn the waist hem but it is very losing so I had to unpick the seam and sew an elastic band around the waist hem so the legging is able to hold itself around the waist of the wearer. Moreover, I had the problem of finding balls that I would be placing around the leggings as well as fringing. With less time left I couldn’t order anything online as the posting was not 100% sure when it will arrive. While talking to my tutor and she suggesting using the play pit balls however, they only come in 100 pack I did not want to waste more than half the balls as I would only be using 10 or 20 the most. I went back in town to search in other craft shops I finally found craft balls in the papercahse the also came in different sizes which was a plus because in my design the balls are different sizes.

                              IMG_1788.JPG IMG_1792.JPG

Overall, I had enjoyed making the bottoms as they are something I have never done before this was the first time making bottoms and it was quite interesting to do. it was a challenge for me which has given me more skills for later on the future I can develop the skill and crate more bottoms in different shape and sizes. Furthermore, any area I feel I would improve on would be the colour section I do feel that I could have added colour to the bottom even if it was only to the finding this could have made it more eye -catching life like just the way coral is. 


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