It was my first time using a Wacom tablet and pen, it was very hard to use it first I had to get a feel of how to navigate myself around the screen. However, I found it more useful then when I had used the mouse, with the pen I am able to draw the detail more freely just like if I was using an actual pencil. Whereas the mouse I am more restricted.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.48.29.png

the garment silhouette and texture where I can easily replicate with the use of the Wacom tablet as I can create fluent brush strokes but also make smooth curved lines. With more practice I do feel I will be more confident with the Wacom tablet and use it for all my illustrations. My aim is to continue using the Wacom tablet to become more confident with it and able to freely use it for every design aspect of my work.Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.48.22.png

↑ (Final Illustration)

As it was the first time using the Wacom tablet and pen I only created a simple final illustration of my final pieces I used the sketch I created photocopied them and used them as guide lines when creating my digital drawing on illustrator.


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