Knot Samples


It was something that I have never done, it was a new experience for me even though it is a very simple technique, easy to do and it did not take long. What I liked about it was the very simple look it has also how you can play around with it. It can be placed anywhere on a garment which I love. I was pleased with the outcome. I started off with the first fabric I got which was cotton muslin fabric I got a ¼ meter of it as it was the first try and I did not want to waste much fabric, the fabric itself is very light weight, it holds its structure which was a key thing however, when I created few knots I realised the fabric was unable to crate very big knots as it was very thin cotton muslin I did try knotting twice, over lapping the knots they just did not come as oversized as I wanted. Moving on, I then tired with a thick jersey fabric, with the thickness of this fabric it helped creating big knots I was pleased with the outcome also the fabric was not fraying whereas the muslin fabric was fraying a lot causing it to have a very messy look. It would have caused me a problem if I use knots in my garments as I would have had to over-lock all the edges of each strip before I create knots with it and you would have been able to see the seams.



The reason for getting the idea of creating knots is because they linked to me concept very well, the idea of creating coral rocks if I had more time I would have liked to replicate the coral reef using knots in using other fabrics colours, also applying other sample work with it such as some bead work so I have a mixed material sample, this would have given me more ideas that I could have used in my designing. I do feel that I could have done more samples relating to this technique maybe add other embellishments with the knots see how that works or use a thick fabric to create very oversized Knots.



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