When doing my designer research, looking at the designer garments picking out small sections of the surface design I was able to create range of bead and sequin samples that relate to my concept, another place for inspiration was Pinterest I found a range of bead work that catches my eye and was interested to replicate. I found it very useful to do as many samples as I can even if they looked similar it was for me to see the little changes I have done and how the outcome came out. The sample were very helpful the design development stage as I have something to refer back to get a visual image of how they would fit on the garment but also I am able to show what the small details on my sketches look 3D. Furthermore, with creating the samples I was able to place them in different positions on a mannequin I was enable to see how they would look on a figure also see where they look best placed another thing it helped me be inspired when designing as I can visual the samples and add them on the garment knowing it will work well.


At the stage of creating my samples I experimented with different colours to get an understanding of what colours I could include in my designing, it enabled for me to see what colours worked well with each other and how I could use the colours to my better understanding to fully showcase the range of colours in coral reef in my work.  It was another way for me to use as a guide in my designing as I always have problems picking colours as I have a hard time imagining how the colours will work together and by these samples I am able to see if they work or not, this way it makes it easier getting all the final materials for the final garments.


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