Design Developments

When starting on my design developments I made sure I had enough research in my initial sketchbook and main sketchbook to help me create wide range of design without being stuck coming up with designs. it was important for me to take my time when designing as I had to make sure all my designs fitted with my concept and my aim, the designs had to fit with the process of all my designs, looking in my sketchbook you are able to see it being very sculptural with that in mind I did a mixture of design from simple garments with small design surface on some sections of the garments to very sculptural exaggerated garments, that could be oversized tops or abstract pants. With creating wide range of samples I had tired many techniques which helped me to find what technique I would be using in my making and what colour I would be using which made the next stage of making very easy to begin with.

Design development stage was very important for me to do I had to make sure what I am designing links to all the research I have done and initial research I have done. I began with creating very simple silhouette of outfits that can be worn day to day, such as long evening gown for special occasion or simple tops, bottoms with surface design that I select from looking at all the samples I have done.


When designing I did not feel they strongly linked to my theme as they were either very simple and coral is very vibrant, bold with unique shapes and creatures with that in mind I continued designing but more extreme exaggerating the silhouette make sure structural objects that represented the coral reef. I was pleased with the overall look of the exaggerated garments and I knew I would be creating garments that are based on those exaggerated designs.


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