Source of material and fabric

When it was time for me to start making, the best place more me was First for fabric. The had a wide range of fabric in different colour it took me a while to decide what fabric would be best for my garments. As I knew from doing the main Sketchbook the colours that I would pick it was easy to find the colours it was more of the choice of fabric I should be using I had to keep in mind that it has to with stand the weight of the surface decoration and still drape well on the wears figure.  I have collected all the recite for every place I went to get all the material I needed.

I have been to John Lewis as I needed more jersey fabric and the Grangier market had ran out of them. I was not pleased with the price of the fabric as it cost a lot in john Lewis. it was £6 half a meter and I got 1 meter for £5 at the Grangier market.

Here are the ones that I have collected the first one is the amount I spent at 1st for fabric I was pleased with the amount I got how low the price was had I gone to John Lewis I would be spending the same amount for one single fabric. The next recite is from John Lewis when I had brought the muslin fabric for the samples it was a good price. Last one is when I went in to Grangier market and got beads and sequins.


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