Research; Main Sketchbook

In my main sketchbook I have used it for my colour pallets looking at the different colours based on the images I found. I would pick images that have different texture in them then base the colour swatches on the images I have placed on that page.  By doing this it has helped me to get a better understanding of what colours I can use further in my design development stage. The main sketchbook was there for me to crate different colour pallets which would lead me to know what colours I would be using in my final garment, also to further investigate in designer garments and see the type of texture they have on their collections. The main sketchbook also had all the samples that I created to show the process on how I father developed the samples from trying different colours or using different fabric, with this I am able to see physically what sample I can also use in my designs and final garment. With the wide range of samples, I am able to know what techniques I can further develop that could be by using different fabric or colour even by mixing up different samples together to get the coral effect that I am looking for.


In conclusion the main sketchbook was created for me to have a source that I can go back to when I am designing as it has all the texture images, designer research with close up also samples. I can then go back and look at the colours pallets but also see what texture I have replicated in my samples section to further decide if that can go well with my designs. I am happy the way the sketchbook has been developed I feel I have placed all my most important research in this sketchbook and pleased how well I have used this sketchbook in my design and making process.



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