Continuing from the last two blog post of my progress of my initial sketchbook I have done more responses in my sketchbook that give me more ideas of what route I can take my FMP and what my overall concept board can be like.

While I was on Pinterest I fond images of coral like responses were the unknown person created using everyday objects found in the house with closer look you are able to see that they have used paper cupcake cases, with that in mind I wanted to try for myself and see what the outcome would be. It was a very fun process also it is very quick and easy to do that I would like to carry it out further maybe try different sizes also use other medium.


I do feel my strength lies within the more structural part of design I do like using different medium that I have not used before but it also gives me ideas of the shapes and patterns that I could crate in the making process how I can manipulate the fabric to link with the reposes I created in my sketchbook.

Furthermore, I also looked at jelly fishes as they are very eye-catching but more in the fashion thinking I found I came up with many ideas for design when looking at jelly fishes from there fluid movements to the shape of them that I could use in my designs. With that in mind I added them in my initial sketchbook. This way when I look back in the sketchbook I can get inspirational from all the coral sea life I researched about.


The next response I did was also a more 3D drawing it was with the thought of how it will feel, in this sketchbook most of my drawings are designed with the thought of how it will feel how I can apply these different mediums to create the different texture similar to the coral undersea.  In this response I have used oil pastel first to get colour then I used the glue gun to create the bumps similar to the image I found on Pinterest which inspired me to create this response. I really liked that outcome I got when I applied the glue on top it looks like the glue is another colour also with the use of tissue paper and watercolours. I will continue with this technique in further experiments that I create as it I s very quick simple but I also believe that I can further develop this technique over time and maybe use it in my designs.




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