Sketchbook; Initial Resposnes


As I continue working on my sketchbook I have used the secondary images I found in Pinterest very inspirational which have helped me to get a better understanding of all the different type of responses I can create in my sketchbook to help show what key aspect of my concept I want to further develop. I had come across Alexander McQueen’s SS12 collection and the fins detail of the headsets was very inspirational as it linked to my concept of ornament/coral so to show that in my work I had did a detailed prorate of a women and using a glue gun I replicated the design of McQueen’s headset in SS12 collection. I wanted he portrait to show through the headpiece so I used tracing paper for the headpiece, by using the glue-gun I was able to create the impression of Lophelia pertusa the way it is fluid, fragile beauty to look at.



To improve on I would like to crate the web-like Lophelia pertusa using other media such as thread, I want to create the texture without using a paper to apply it on have it freely hanging on the image or garment this way I would be able to drape it the way I like, this could be done with the use of knit could be by doing lose knitting.


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