Yin Fall Winter 2013 collection is titled spring of Nüwa it is inspired by nature and its elements and Yin looked for inspiration from the Chinese legend of Nüwa the goddess that moulded the first men from clay. Her aim has been to crate a garment that product and reinforces but also make sure that the garments supple armour and second skin to the wearer. Yiqing Yin defines courtier as a ‘platform for creative freedom, expression, experimenting’ she has always kept her sculptural approach to her work so for her she sees the couture platform to give her enough space for her to express and push the limit of art emotion and story telling moreover, she she is able to have no boundaries of the materials she can use.  Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 14.35.32.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-17 at 14.35.50.png

Yiqing Yin Fall/Winter 12/13 collection she wanted to express the naive and pure side of nature through her sculpturing garments. Yin’s collection is about this idea of freshness and lightness. she’s was exploring the idea of birth the origin implicating the image if clay, water mixing together.




For this collection the designer focused mostly on the back of the garment, From watching the collection you are able to see what has been her main point of focus which is the areas between the shoulder blades she would enhance the features with the use of feathers or with knots of twisted silk running as a heavy rope from the nape of the neck to there lower back.



The final Piece of the collection was astonishing it was crinoline cage structure covered with feathers of pheasant peacock, goose, she had also added ostrich plums that have been burnt with the use of acid to give it the wet effect.


‘full of paradox, complex, strong willed, a women with a very sensual side, but a very masculine one’ yin says about the way she sees the Yinqing Yin women as. she has stated that she doesn’t design for herself but she does use her own attitude in the designing section. More-so she is not afraid to assert her singularity to be different and to communicate something about her identity through her wardrobe and appearance.



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