Research; Day Trip to the Blue Reef

My day was spent in the blue reef aquarium. It was a day where I collect primary images for my project by going and see what the sea life is like I was able to get great shots of the way the coal behave also know the range of coral there are in the sea life even though they did not have much I was still able to see what small collection and it was very intresting to see first hand how they move with grace within water. I also able to see the sea life, the different fishes from clown fishes to lion fishes it was fasctinign to see them swim around how they move so fluidly full of grace which sinpired me to think of how I would like imply they gracefulness into my design and final collection.

By vising the blue Reef I was able to take many images and clips I enjoyed watching the sea life as I will have enough knowledge and images to work with to create strong responses that will help inspire me when I am designing.


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