Research; Initial Sketchbook

To start of my reposes I have decided to use a A4 sketchbook to carry out my initial design ideas. It was very important for me to get the first page right I wanted to make sure that when the viewer open to the first page they are able to know what my concept is about or what I have been inspored by. With my concept being Coral I have decided to name my concept ‘Ornament’ I found it very fitting name for my project as it described the purpose of concept, coral is a very beautifully place to see it makes the sea life more attractive to look at and that is why I have decided to name my project Ornament as I will apply coral in to my design to make my collection attractive and eye-catching. The purpose of coral in my collection is to be admired by everyones eyes, to be appreciated by its silent beauty.


I have crated prints with the use of shells that I had found I wanted to replicate the deisgns of the Brain coral it has a very fasintating patern that I would like to take furher in to my design section. I will be doing more intail resposes with the pattern of the Brain Coral. I would like to try other methods to recreate the marks from the Brian Coral. When I created these prints I was hoping to get a 3D print similar to the inspirational image I have applied on the page but the prints came out more  2 dimension which didn’t give the surface affect I was aiming for, the alternative route for me would be to try printing with another media for instant try with clay or play dough this way I can try different patterens and see which one has worked the best.


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