First Peer Assessment

Peer assessment are very useful I quite enjoyed doing this as I was able to see another person’s work and get a feel of how much I have done and is it enough within the time we have started.

With peer assessment I am able to get feedback on what I have done well and what I need to improve on. It gives me an insight on what section they have liked about my current work and how I can further develop those ideas to make them even better they also looked at my blog and suggested ideas on how to improve on them.

From the peer assessment I have found out that my strengths are the imagery I have collected as they link very well to my work, this is a good thing as I know I am doing the right research not looking at the wrong images that do not link to my concept. What I found the most useful about this peer assessment are the area of improvement this give me an idea of what I can improve on also what more I can do to further develop my work. Most of the improvements where based on the blog that I needed to add more images and research on the blog.

After the peer assessment I placed three aims that I will have to complete which will improve my work and show that I have taken the comments said about my work and reflected on them through my work.



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