Time Plan Week 1; 7/3/16 – 13/3/16

I have started off this project with a small time-plan book, which I will up-date regularly with notes of any inspirational ideas any task I have done towards my project, create to-do list also any notes given my peers and tutors to improve my sketchbook. It has already been handy to do as I am able to look back at my notes and see what I have done and what I need to do.


On the 10th March I had started off my project as I was away the last days doing my University interviews. I started off this with mainly doing secondary research on my concept and getting ideas of what I can do to start of my sketchbook and created a to-do list of what I need to have with me to begin my project. With starting later than others I had not yet created any responses of my concept so I spent most of the day researching and collecting images and writing down what I can use in my sketchbook and the rest of the day I had begun on producing responses within my initial sketchbook.


img008 (2).jpg

img009 (2).jpg



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