To get a further understanding of what I could do with my theme I started to collection research on designers and Artist that I could use to inspire my project. I found Givenchy’s fall 2011 couture collection to be very enchanting. What I like about this collection is the combination of fragile and ridged how it is beautifully presented by the aesthetic surface designs. When looking at this collection at first glance you assume it is a very restricted garment but looking closely you are able to see the fine effort that has gone into creating each garment from the 3D tiger’s-eye pearls that are inserted with crystals that will catch the light replicating the marks of an ostrich skin. Another gown has been hand embroidered with tiny silvery garay caviar beads. In Tisci’s words he had said “the most beautiful moment in couture is the first calico’ and he implied that to this collection as he kept the palette in the plates beige, ivory and white for the cotton used for initial toils. Tisci also expressed “white has become very strong when women want to be sexy and romantic at the same time, white is there” which has been publicised very clearly through his couture fall 2011 collection.





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