The Overall Past Project’s Reflection & Evaluation

In my opinion I do believe that my skills have improved from the beginning of this course. The most improvement I have seen is in my drawing skills as I am more confident to draw different figures and able to freely draw any garments in any shape and form on any figure. I also have seen my digital skills improve from only knowing the basic of changing colour of an image to creating professional concept boards also using illustrator to create multiple technical drawings. Over this course of time I have learnt many things of how a designer works, what is expected of them, I do feel from doing this course it has opened my eyes on the ways I can develop my skills and make sure I deliver professional work also I have become more confident with presenting my work from the group critic we have done.

Also with doing this course I am positive that fashion is what I would like to do in higher education, because of the joy I have when I am designing and creating garments. I don’t see it as work for me it is something I love doing, if I am passionate about it I would like to continue doing it to a level where I would be guaranteed a job in fashion industry. I have learnt the basic and confident to work alone in a higher professional standard. What I enjoyed the most from the project so far is the experience I got that I know I would not have been able to get if I had decided to go straight into university. I was able to get a better understanding of the different careers I can take from fashion to 3D designs also from the rotation week it enabled me to get an in-depth view of what design course is best for me plus where it can lead me in the future. From the doing the rotation week it helped me to chose what subject is best for me and I am pleased that I decided to do fashion I have seen my skills developing to professional standard but also given me the chance to learn new skills, knowledge that I have enjoyed learning or developing further.


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